neoVI Interface


This neoVI documentation is a work in progress. Feedback and revisions are most welcome!

Interface to Intrepid Control Systems neoVI API range of devices via pyneovi wrapper on Windows.


This interface is not supported on Linux, however on Linux neoVI devices are supported via Socketcan with ICS Kernel-mode SocketCAN module for Intrepid devices and icsscand


This neoVI interface requires the installation of the ICS neoVI DLL and pyneovi package.

  • Download and install the Intrepid Product Drivers

    Intrepid Product Drivers

  • Install pyneovi using pip and the pyneovi bitbucket repo:
    pip install


An example can.ini file for windows 7:

interface = neovi
channel = 1


class can.interfaces.neovi_api.NeoVIBus(channel=None, can_filters=None, **config)[source]

Bases: can.bus.BusABC

The CAN Bus implemented for the pyneovi interface.

Parameters:channel (int) – The Channel id to create this bus with.