socketcand Interface#

Socketcand is part of the Linux-CAN project, providing a Network-to-CAN bridge as a Linux damon. It implements a specific TCP/IP based communication protocol to transfer CAN frames and control commands.

The main advantage compared to UDP-based protocols (e.g. virtual interface) is, that TCP guarantees delivery and that the message order is kept.

Here is a small example dumping all can messages received by a socketcand daemon running on a remote Raspberry Pi:

import can

bus = can.interface.Bus(interface='socketcand', host="", port=29536, channel="can0")

# loop until Ctrl-C
  while True:
    msg = bus.recv()
except KeyboardInterrupt:

The output may look like this:

Timestamp: 1637791111.209224    ID: 000006fd    X Rx                DLC:  8    c4 10 e3 2d 96 ff 25 6b
Timestamp: 1637791111.233951    ID: 000001ad    X Rx                DLC:  4    4d 47 c7 64
Timestamp: 1637791111.409415    ID: 000005f7    X Rx                DLC:  8    86 de e6 0f 42 55 5d 39
Timestamp: 1637791111.434377    ID: 00000665    X Rx                DLC:  8    97 96 51 0f 23 25 fc 28
Timestamp: 1637791111.609763    ID: 0000031d    X Rx                DLC:  8    16 27 d8 3d fe d8 31 24
Timestamp: 1637791111.634630    ID: 00000587    X Rx                DLC:  8    4e 06 85 23 6f 81 2b 65

Socketcand Quickstart#

The following section will show how to get the stuff installed on a Raspberry Pi with a MCP2515-based CAN interface, e.g. available from Waveshare. However, it will also work with any other socketcan device.

Install CAN Interface for a MCP2515 based interface on a Raspberry Pi#

Add the following lines to /boot/config.txt. Please take care on the frequency of the crystal on your MCP2515 board:


Reboot after /boot/config.txt has been modified.

Enable socketcan for can0#

Create config file for systemd-networkd to start the socketcan interface automatically:

cat >/etc/systemd/network/ <<'EOT'

Enable systemd-networkd on reboot and start it immediately (if it was not already startet):

sudo systemctl enable systemd-networkd
sudo systemctl start systemd-networkd

Build socketcand from source#

# autoconf is needed to build socketcand
sudo apt-get install -y autoconf
# clone & build sources
git clone
cd socketcand

Install socketcand#

make install

Run socketcand#

./socketcand -v -i can0

During start, socketcand will prompt its IP address and port it listens to:

Verbose output activated

Using network interface 'eth0'
Listen adress is
Broadcast adress is
creating broadcast thread...
binding socket to