Source code for can

The ``can`` package provides controller area network support for
Python developers; providing common abstractions to
different hardware devices, and a suite of utilities for sending and receiving
messages on a can bus.

import logging

from typing import Dict, Any

__version__ = "4.0.0-dev"

log = logging.getLogger("can")

rc: Dict[str, Any] = dict()

[docs]class CanError(IOError): """Indicates an error with the CAN network. """
from .listener import Listener, BufferedReader, RedirectReader, AsyncBufferedReader from .io import Logger, Printer, LogReader, MessageSync from .io import ASCWriter, ASCReader from .io import BLFReader, BLFWriter from .io import CanutilsLogReader, CanutilsLogWriter from .io import CSVWriter, CSVReader from .io import SqliteWriter, SqliteReader from .util import set_logging_level from .message import Message from .bus import BusABC, BusState from .thread_safe_bus import ThreadSafeBus from .notifier import Notifier from .interfaces import VALID_INTERFACES from . import interface from .interface import Bus, detect_available_configs from .bit_timing import BitTiming from .broadcastmanager import ( CyclicSendTaskABC, LimitedDurationCyclicSendTaskABC, ModifiableCyclicTaskABC, MultiRateCyclicSendTaskABC, RestartableCyclicTaskABC, )