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#!/usr/bin/env python
# coding: utf-8

See the :class:`Logger` class.

import logging

from .asc import ASCWriter
from .blf import BLFWriter
from .canutils import CanutilsLogWriter
from .csv import CSVWriter
from .sqlite import SqliteWriter
from .stdout import Printer

log = logging.getLogger("")

[docs]class Logger(object): """ Logs CAN messages to a file. The format is determined from the file format which can be one of: * .asc: :class:`can.ASCWriter` * .blf :class:`can.BLFWriter` * .csv: :class:`can.CSVWriter` * .db: :class:`can.SqliteWriter` * .log :class:`can.CanutilsLogWriter` * other: :class:`can.Printer` Note this class itself is just a dispatcher, an object that inherits from Listener will be created when instantiating this class. """ @staticmethod def __new__(cls, filename): if not filename: return Printer() elif filename.endswith(".asc"): return ASCWriter(filename) elif filename.endswith(".blf"): return BLFWriter(filename) elif filename.endswith(".csv"): return CSVWriter(filename) elif filename.endswith(".db"): return SqliteWriter(filename) elif filename.endswith(".log"): return CanutilsLogWriter(filename) else:'unknown file type "%s", falling pack to can.Printer', filename) return Printer(filename)