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from can.listener import Listener
import logging

log = logging.getLogger('')

[docs]class Printer(Listener): """ The Printer class is a subclass of :class:`~can.Listener` which simply prints any messages it receives to the terminal. :param output_file: An optional file to "print" to. """ def __init__(self, output_file=None): if output_file is not None:"Creating log file '{}' ".format(output_file)) output_file = open(output_file, 'wt') self.output_file = output_file def on_message_received(self, msg): if self.output_file is not None: self.output_file.write(str(msg) + "\n") else: print(msg) def stop(self): if self.output_file: self.output_file.write("\n") self.output_file.close()